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Soil is the most active material circulation and energy exchange place on the earth's surface. It is the most important material foundation for agricultural production and human activities. It has the functions of continuously supporting the safe production of agricultural products, maintaining the quality of the ecological environment, and ensuring the health of animals, plants and humans. China has a large geographic span, rich soil types, diverse utilization methods, and a long history of development. It has become a rare international soil museum. For China, which has the world's largest population, soil resources are of particular importance. Soil is the lifeblood of China ’s agriculture, and it bears the material foundation for the continued development of Chinese civilization. It not only provides agricultural products that people need for their lives, but also the carrier of civilization and endows cultural connotation. Therefore, the collection, management and sharing of soil information are of great significance.

The Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences has always attached importance to the accumulation and sharing of soil data resources. In recent years, through the establishment of a soil science data center, a relatively complete soil data resource system has been established. The integrated soil data covers soil resources, soil fertility, soil environment, The main branches of soil science, such as biology, have built a fully functional data platform to provide online browsing and offline application services for soil data through a database portal.With the continuous enrichment and improvement of data resources and functions, it is expected to be built into a soil data center with international influence.

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